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Scape Park

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Scape Park is one of the most exotic places you must visit in Punta Cana. We’re talking about over 700,000 square meters of open spaces, surrounded by a sensational natural thematic eco-park with impressive cenotes and caves that will provide you the ultimate experience. With views to die for and exciting attractions, the world of Scape Park will captivate you as soon as you enter.

If you love swimming, you’ll want to visit Cave Swim, a natural cenote where you will feel you’re in a different world once you dive into the underground caves. At Hoyo Azul, you will have an unforgettable swimming experience through 14 meters of stunning blue waters. You can double the fun by taking the ride of a lifetime, splashing through the blue waters on a zip line ride or a splash hammock, and end up with a refreshing dip or just relaxing by the impressive waterfall. You will also have access to Juanillo Beach, where you can snorkel at the coral reef surrounded by fish. There’s no excuse to miss this experience!

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